Puzzle Monkey Latest Free Download 2024

Puzzle Monkey Latest Free Download 2024


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Though seemingly basic, Puzzle Monkey turns out to be quite tricky. In the beginning, moving boxes to marked places is simple, but with each level, it becomes more complicated. The monkey (looking more like a squirrel from the 3D aerial perspective) must choose the right strategy to move the boxes in its path to marked locations. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you make the wrong move, the boxes will lock and you’ll lose, whereupon the monkey will cry. Then again, your game might crash at about the eighth level, as it did for us, necessitating a reboot. Still, the game is a decent brain workout overall.

The story revolves around a child-like monkey who has lost her mother in the deep, thick, hot jungle. The monkey is then assisted to find her mother by a butterfly, who tries to think of whereabouts in the jungle she might be. However, the butterfly keeps suggesting incorrect animals like the monkey’s mother, including an elephant, a snake, a spider, a parrot, a frog, and a bat. Eventually, the butterfly and the monkey find the monkey’s Dad, who says, “Come, a little monkey, come, come, come, it’s time I took you home to…” and then shortly after another call, Butterfly finds the monkey’s lost mother and the monkey is happy again, as well as the butterfly.

Monkey Puzzle (in the United States of America, Where’s My Mom?), written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, is an illustrated children’s storybook, published in 2000 by Alison Green Books. Donaldson dedicated the book to her cousin’s children, Tom, Billy, Emma, and Katie.


  • Mobile game: There might be a mobile game called Puzzle Monkey. If this is the case, specific features would depend on the game itself. However, some common puzzle game features include:

    • Match-3 mechanics: Matching rows or columns of similar items to clear them.
    • Physics puzzles: Using physics principles to solve puzzles, like moving objects or directing characters.
    • Word puzzles: Crosswords, anagrams, or other word-based challenges.
    • Unlocking new levels or characters with increasing difficulty.
  • Physical puzzle toy: This could be a toy with physical puzzles that require manipulation and problem-solving skills.

  • Educational software: Puzzle Monkey could be an educational program for children that uses puzzles to teach various concepts.

Here’s what you can do to find out more about Puzzle Monkey’s features:

  • Search online: Try searching for “Puzzle Monkey” with additional keywords like “game,” “toy,” or “software” to find the specific product you’re interested in. Reviews or app store descriptions should detail the features.
  • Look for images or videos: Searching for “Puzzle Monkey” with “image” or “video” can give you a visual idea of what Puzzle Monkey is and how it might work.
  • Check packaging or app description: If you have a physical product or app, check the packaging or app description for details about the features.


1. Metal Puzzle with Brass Rods:

  • In this version, the conclusion is reached when you successfully fit all the brass rods (representing bananas) inside the monkey-shaped box.
  • There should be no part of any rod sticking out. A successful conclusion brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from solving the puzzle.

2. Digital Puzzle Game:

  • If Puzzle Monkey is a digital game, the conclusion might involve reaching a specific goal within the game, like collecting all the bananas or completing a certain number of levels.
  • The ending screen might display a congratulatory message or animation, signifying your success.
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