Moving Pictures – Yellowstone

Moving Pictures – Yellowstone

Moving Pictures - Yellowstone

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This well-designed screensaver brings the beauty of Yellowstone National Park’s famous Lower Falls directly to your desktop. In terms of picture quality, Moving Pictures – Yellowstone doesn’t disappoint, and the movement and sound of the falling water were quite realistic. Even the animated bald eagle that flies into the scene looks very lifelike. The feature set isn’t huge, but you can mute the audio, specify a password, and change the screen resolution from a nicely designed built-in control panel. The trial version does put a nag screen on your monitor, but at least it doesn’t stick a bunch of privacy-compromising adware on your hard drive. Whether you want to relive your memories of Yellowstone or take a virtual visit, we have no problem recommending this screensaver.

I just wanted to let you know that I will be interning at the Yellowstone Research Library this summer which means my posting will be even more sporadic than it already has been due to lack of internet access.

Yellowstone is beautiful though, and there are many amazing documentaries about the park.I’ve already watched Secret Yellowstone and Christmas in Yellowstone, and I would recommend either which are both available via NetFlix.  The library I work for has over 100 documentaries, as well as clips from news programs, and even the Daily Show.  I also can’t wait for the new Ken Burns documentary National Parks – America’s Best Idea.

If you want to go on a short 5 minute virtual tour, I’ve included the YouTube video below.  It’s beautiful and I hope you enjoy!

Check out this realistic animated screensaver of Yellowstone National Park, featuring full-motion waterfalls, rivers, and geysers, complete with nature sounds. See wild animals such as buffalo, coyote, moose, elk, and birds on the move. We also offer animated nature screensavers of Yosemite and Niagara Falls National Parks.

Film Studios, of which Moore is the vice president of operations and marketing, as a home base. Some of the Montana scenery depicted in the show is actually Heber City, Oakley, Kamas, Grantsville and Logan.

But the show’s fourth season, which started airing in November, was filmed almost entirely in Montana. When Paramount moved north, it took the millions it was spending on rural Utah with it.

The drama focuses on the Dutton family, which operates a controversial Montana ranch bordering Yellowstone National Park. Led by family patriarch John Dutton, as played by Kevin Costner, the ranch is entangled with issues surrounding land management, rural-urban tensions, and the relationship between big government and local stakeholders — issues impacting real ranchers across the Mountain West.

Perhaps that’s a reason for the show’s high viewership, with Paramount publicists claiming it’s “cable’s biggest show.” The season 3 finale drew more than 10 million viewers.

And while “Yellowstone” features the sometimes fraught relationship between industry and government, a real-life drama took place between Utah lawmakers and Paramount that led to the show packing up and moving to Montana. That drama was markedly less sexy than what takes place at the Dutton ranch, but at its heart were several million dollars in tax incentives.

Visit West Yellowstone, the West Entrance and gateway community to Yellowstone National Park. Surrounded by three national forests, blue-ribbon trout streams, and beautiful mountain lakes, West Yellowstone is the perfect destination for a remote, safe, and socially distant experience this winter.

Enjoy breathtaking scenery while snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, or experiencing a guided snowcoach tour in Yellowstone National Park. Be sure to check out our trail conditions page before heading out! You’ll also find plenty of small-town hospitality, outdoor adventures, lodging, and much more in West Yellowstone.

While in Montana, do your part to Recreate Responsibly:

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