Bob the Builder – Can Do Zoo

Bob the Builder – Can Do Zoo


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Bob the Builder and his machine team are ready to tackle any project. As they hammer out solutions that lead to a job well done, Bob and the Can-Do Crew demonstrate the power of positive thinking, problem solving, team work and follow through.Bob and his Can-Do team have a big job ahead – to build a brand new Zoo where lots of exotic animals will live – but they need your help! There`s lots of work ahead, building pens, setting up fences, and don`t forget to paint what you just built! Join the Can-Do team now and help Bob finish his biggest job ever. Can we do it? Yes we can!

From the creators of Diner Dash™, Bob the Builder is a unique new game for the kids in your life! Get together with your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews to play Bob the Builder: Can-Do Zoo. All the animals for the new Bobland Bay Zoo have arrived, but the zoo hasn’t been built yet! Bob and the Can-Do crew need your help to build a home for the animals. Complete fun and educational activities, earn stickers for your building achievements, and create your own scenes in the bonus sticker book mode. Can we build it? Yes we can, in Bob the Builder – the game! Honors received include the 2008 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, the 2008 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award, and recognition as a 2008 Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice! Learn in English and Spanish! Product InformationBob the Builder needs your help!  The animals for the new Bobland Bay Zoohave arrived. Unfortunately the zoo hasn’t been built yet! Bob and his Can-DoCrew need your help to build a home for the animals. Complete fun activities andlearn along the way. With your help the Can-Do Crew will build this zoo!Skills Learned Problem solving Critical thinking Object classification Planning and time sequencing Pattern size and spatial recognition Shape and color identificationProduct Features Before we can do the job we have to plan it! Map out a plan in BOB’S BLUEPRINT. Choose the right color to plete the pattern in PAINT IT. Windows System Requirements Windows XP Vista Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Pentium 4 800 MHz or faster processor 256 MB of RAM (512 MB on Vista) 80 MB free Hard Disk space 32 MB Video Card DirectX 8.1 or higher Windows patible Sound Card and speakers CD-ROM or DVD-ROM driveMacintosh System Requirements Mac OS X 10.3 to 10.6.3 G4 800 MHz or faster or Intel processor 512 MB of RAM 90 MB free Hard Disk space CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

When Bob the Builder, the cartoon handyman of PBS fame, discovers penguins in the ice cream shop, alligators in the public pool, and a lion on top of the Mayor’s desk, he swings into action to build the Bobland Bay Zoo. But Bob the Builder and his animated truck friends can’t do all this building alone. They need the help of your child in BOB THE BUILDER: CAN-DO ZOO, a downloadable preschool computer edutainment title. Kids join Bob and his truck friends to build five enclosures for the elephants, penguins, monkeys, alligators, and lions.

To construct the enclosures, kids play a series of building games with Bob. The games can be played on three levels of difficulty. On the easiest, kids will do things like paint the fence for the enclosure by completing a simple pattern of alternating colors. On the harder levels, the patterns get more complicated and incorporate more colors of paint. In all, there are seven educational games that teach patterning, color and shape recognition, object classification and problem-solving. These games can be played separately from the adventure. Every time children finish a round of a game, they earn a Bob the Builder sticker that can be used in a separate art activity.

The sleepy town of Bobland has received a surprise shipment of animals destined for the Bobland Bay Zoo. Unfortunately, the Bobland Bay Zoo doesn’t actually exist! Luckily, Bob the Builder and his Can-Do Crew are ready to spring into action! Help Bob the Builder build a zoo before the animals turn the town upside down. Can you fix it? Yes, you can!

Teaches Valuable Life Skills

The majority of games for preschoolers focus on teaching foundational skills like letter and number recognition. Bob the Builder – Can Do Zoo tackles more advanced concepts in a way that’s intuitive, fun and easy to understand. Critical thinking has never been so fun! This game covers the following skills:



  • Problem Solving: Can we fix it? Yes, we can! Bob the Builder has a reputation for teaching children about the power of a can do attitude, and this game follows in that tradition. Preschoolers are introduced to random problems that require unique solutions, and this shows children that problems are merely puzzles waiting to be solved. This mindset leads to success in all areas of life.
  • Colors, Shapes, and Patterns: The real world is full of shapes, patterns and colors. In this game, players frequently encounter pattern and color puzzles that require memory and recognition. Essential shapes, colors and patterns are gently drilled through minigame activities throughout the game, leading to familiarity.
  • Linear Directions: Following directions is one of the most essential life skills, but it can be difficult to teach a preschool child about the importance of following directions in a step-by-step manner. Bob the Builder – Can Do Zoo teaches children the value of linear directions naturally by introducing them to the building process. Kids complete blueprints and are rewarded for building structures in a logical manner.

Earn and Collect Stickers

In this game, success equals stickers! There are tons of fun and interesting stickers to collect and earn. Feel free to build your own scenes with the stickers you’ve collected.

Fun and Familiar Characters

Bob the Builder is popular all over the world thanks to the show’s beloved characters. Kids will enjoy playing and building with their favorite members of Bob’s Can Do Crew. The game also features Bob the Builder’s catchy theme song, making each gameplay session feel like an episode of the show.

Made With Children in Mind

This game was designed to fit the needs of preschool children. The bright and colorful menus are simple to navigate for non-readers. Mousing over any button on the screen prompts Bob the Builder to read the option out loud, making it easy for preschoolers of all skill levels to play this game all by themselves.

Three Difficulty Settings and Two Gameplay Modes

Bob the Builder – Can Do Zoo has easy, medium and hard difficulty settings, making it a game that adapts to players. In addition, the game also features story mode and free play mode, giving you more ways to play.

Overall, Bob the Builder – Can Do Zoo is a fantastic game for preschoolers of all ages and skill levels. For fans of the series and newcomers alike, this title is a must play!

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